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The Big Takeover Reviews Welcome to the Plunderdome

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Brooklyn based music magazine The Big Takeover had this to say about Welcome to the Plunderdome, even comparing the Lowest of the Low to Brooklyn luminary Joe Pernice Brothers!

This Toronto quintet’s hot-selling 1991 debut Shakespeare My Butt led to a short-lived major label deal with A&M, who released their 1994 second LP Hallucigenia; on indies since, this is now their sixth. With the same lineup as 2019s Agitpop, including original singer/guitarist Ron Hawkins and drummer David Alexander, WttP doubles its predecessor’s energy level, with an exhilarating dose of power-pop, punk, folk-rock, and ska. Behind Hawkins’s persuasive Elvis Costello/Billy Bragg-tinted brogue, the first 11 tunes have such a lively, upbeat kick, you might not notice the politically-astute lyrics on call-to-arms anthems “Brave New World,” “On a Bad Day,” and “When the Boot Comes Down,” or the compassion behind horn-shaded work- outs “Hey Kid (You Got Soul!),” “Wrong Way Round,” and “Landslide.” The poignant Joe Pernice-like ballad “Rainy Day Parades and Purple Hearts” closes the LP on a less sweat-
inducing note. (sonicenvy.com)

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