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Streets of Toronto
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Streets of Toronto asks Ron about his favourite spots on Ossington

Ron Hawkins gives a glimpse of his stomping grounds in his beloved Ossington neighbourhood for the Streets of Toronto blog.
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Record Rewind – Shakespeare My Butt… at 30

David McPherson at Amplify looks back on the 30 year history of The Lowest of the Low's Shakespeare My Butt...  

Ron Hawkins Gives his list of Essentials on FYI Music News

Ron gives us his essential album, book, movie and tv in FYI Music News' Essentials feature.
Album Cover - Shakespeare My Butt

Spill Magazine Gives AgitPop 4/5

The energy is contagious, making this brilliant album a striking, singable, and most of all optimistic offering about affecting change for the better. Previously, the band had been skeptical of collaborating with large record companies, such as Warner Music Canada. However, it’s demonstrated in Agitpop to have been a very successful move for Lowest Of The Low. Agitpop ranks right up there with Shakespeare My Butt… which says much of the effort and passion put into this album by all involved. Hawkins spoke to that in our recent interview. Toronto band Lowest of the Low alive and kicking after three decades

Hawkins and multi-instrumentalist Lawrence Nichols sat down recently to discuss the continuing relevance of the Low, as they're affectionately known, before the band’s pair of exclusive performances at the Dakota Tavern for purchasers of the Low’s just-released vinyl box set Shakespeare My Box! — a cheeky nod to its debut album — which includes every song, save a cover or two, the band ever recorded.

Agit Pop Release Party Review

The new material is wholly their sound, still full of activism, boldness and the gritty love of those in need that their band name speaks to, with a well done accompanying video display that weaves historic civil rights march footage with the contemporary and the local, as seen as a backdrop on “The Barricade”.

Hamilton Spectator Interview with Ron Hawkins

Ron talked to David Friend at the Spec about AGITPOP. David writes: "Agitpop" carries echoes of that era with lively melodies that could be sung at the pub before taking to the streets. Read the full interview.
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Video – Permanent Revolution

David Bottrell: The time to be polite has passed and stuff needs to be said, and action needs to be taken.  Ron Hawkins: I think what we might need David is a permanent revolution. Video directed by Tim Thomson
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Video – A Thousand Lights

David Bottrill (world class producer and bon vivant) and Ron Hawkins chat a bit about a favourite track of David's from AGITPOP - A Thousand Lights Video directed by Tim Thomson