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The Big Takeover Reviews Welcome to the Plunderdome

Brooklyn based music magazine The Big Takeover had this to say about Welcome to the Plunderdome, even comparing the Lowest of the Low to Brooklyn luminary Joe Pernice Brothers! This Toronto quintet's hot-selling 1991 debut Shakespeare My Butt…
Kingson Live!

Kingston Live on Welcome to the Plunderdome Over 30 years in, Ron Hawkins and band still revel in "pushing against the system"
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Welcome to the Plunderdome is “Superfantastical” David Ganhão at Luso Life says: That’s it… that’s the review… one [made up] word “superfantastical.” Sure I can say it rocks… it swings [thanks in part to horns provided by…
Spill Magazine
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Spill Magazine: 4/5 for Welcome to the Plunderdome,and%20lead%20singer%20Ron%20Hawkins. a very fine, quality addition to the catalogue of this legendary Canadian…
Winnipeg Free Press
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Welcome to the Plunderdome gets 4/5 from The Winnipeg Free Press    
Welcome to the Plunderdome